Our Nine Facets

Under the Forgotten Diamond umbrella, there are Nine Key Facets:

  1. Ruby Rose Educational Resource Center and Library
  2. Food for Thought Nutritional Program
  3. Adult Literacy
  4. Technology Training
  5. Agriculture and Gardening
  6. Textbook Lending
  7. Sports and Games
  8. Sewing and Uniform Assistance
  9. Art, Music and Drama


Ruby Rose Library

On February 18, 2009 The Ruby Rose Educational Resource Center and Library officially opened its doors in Mogbwemo.  Through the generous donations from Sierra Rutile Ltd., Paramount Chiefs, Half Price Books, The Parish School, Shelton School and Westlake Academy, and lots of friends and family, the library has over 35,000 books. This accomplishment has more than tripled the number of books in the entire country! 
In fact, to date more than 7,000 children have had their first experience ever in a library.  We have also initiated a  mobile library program with eight routes to deliver books to schools located too far from the library.


First Annual Global Essay Contest and Cultural Exchange

In May, 24 Schools in Sierra Leone and several in the US competed in an effort to promote education and literacy and to expound on the value of a library in their respective communities.  Winners in the US were awarded gift cards generously donated by Half Price Books, while those in Sierra Leone received cash prizes.  The event also served as a launch for the Food for Thought Lunch Program, funded by Westlake Academy, whereby local families prepare meals and serve them to the library visitors.

Food for Thought

Based on the mantra that we are feeding both the minds and bodies of the children of Sierra Leone, this program is intended to provide a healthy meal to children who visit the library.  It encourages them to take advantage of the facilities at the Ruby Rose Educational Center and provides nutrition which is desperately needed in the community.   Currently,  Food for Thought provides more than 2500 meals/month to local village children.

Pen Pal Program

Since 2006, more than 600 children have partnered in Sierra Leone and the US  in a pen pal exchange.  Each relationship represents an opportunity for the writers to grow beyond the physical boundaries of their own country,  and participate in a global sharing that can last a lifetime.